Company Profile

These days collaboration is everything.
In fact more times than I can count we have entered into competitive creative bids against larger firms and always we do well do to the fact we all respect each other's work and often by critically thinking as a team our individual work get's more effective and simply better.
That's why Mohammad and I have discovered two are better than one.

Mohammad’s cinematic experience shooting and directing live action, combined with extensive 3D character animation and Maya expertise fuse perfectly with my Iconic Typography, branding and Motion Graphic design skills to make for a powerful combination and wealth of design experience.
In the last year alone we have created 20 feet of live action backgrounds for Fashion week, updated the graphic presence of an iconic architecture firm, directed  a full length film in the deserts of the middle east, visualized mythical theme parks in the far east, rebranded a network or two and most fun of all, illustration and art direction for the wedding of a beloved friend and Toronto fashion icon. Phew!

Mo and I enjoy digging into creative briefs and exploring  directly with clients to bring forward a vision that relies on experience and takes all of what we have learn to the next level.  Often the  decision making and collaboration between us results in a beautiful finished product that is greater than the sum of our two halves.  We both love what we do and still enjoy the process of solving any communication solution.

It has become an increasingly rare thing to have one on one ongoing access to senior level designers outside of an agency structure.
Mo and I wouldn’t work any other way, and it’s important to us to bring that personal touch to you.
The look and feel of a finished product is a result of a series of decisions that take place along a sometimes unexpected course of events. Our experience spans literally decades bringing some serious muscle to the table.  Our partnership is solid and fun,  that’s not something you often here in the world of motion graphics.  We enjoy collaborating and creating and it comes through in the work we will deliver for you.