Telefilm Canada

Branding direction for the potential invitation at Cannes,
again a different take on the previous direction. Young
stylish talent with a nod to Canadian colour but a strength
in image and charactor, legacy steamer trunk emblasend
with maple leaf status patterning depicting the idea we
don’t travel lightly.

Potential direction for the Bernale Festival brochure.
This is the sample from which my valuation breakdown is
based on.
Overall concept is an adaptation of the idea of the long
train following the representative figure of Canadian
The idea that Telefilm brings the red carpet to
everywhere they go.
A garden being a typical gathering place of festival
parties/cocktail parties.
Keeping in mind Canadians are innately modest, the idea
depicts the impossible, the illustration of more going on
than first perceived.


Telefilm Canada


Art Director / Designer